• "Robo Dreams" - it's a tricky platformer with Nokia 3310 phones style!

This game was made for the Nokia 3310 Jam 2 in 3 days. And this is my first published game, yay! xD


  • Left arrow --> Left
  • Right arrow --> Right
  • Up arrow --> Jump
  • Enter --> Select or Confirm
  • Escape --> Go to Menu
  • Backspace --> Warp Zone ;b
  • Xbox Gamepad:

  • D-Pad Left --> Left
  • D-Pad Reft --> Right
  • Button A --> Jump
  • Start or Menu --> Select or Confirm
  • Back or View --> Go to Menu
  • D-Pad Down --> Warp Zone!
  • Android:

    Tap - Select or Confirm
    Hold in Menu - Warp Zone
    Control buttons = control buttons


    If you can't complete the game, you can try "Warp Zone" as a "save".
    That's all, enjoy the game! :P

    Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
    Made withConstruct
    Tags2D, 8-Bit, death, Difficult, first-game, hardcore, jam, nokia, nokia-3310
    Average sessionAbout a half-hour
    InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Smartphone


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    Very nice! I can FEEL the momentum!

    And staying on-grid and keeping the sprites aligned is done very well, a lot of people messed that up.

    Good job!

    Awesome little platformer game. The levels are well designed for a jam game and the character has a certain weight to it which I enjoyed controlling. Great job for you first published game! :)